I am a nomadic photographer. We meet at your home or at any other location that we have pre-arranged.

Portait 1h00, 200$

You need a simple portrait?

  • Gallery of 8 to 10 photo proofs.
  • Your pick 3 photos.
  • For a couple or duo, add 50$. 

Portrait 1h30, 250$

Need more photos? 

  • Gallery of 10 to 20 photo proofs.
  • Your pick 6 photos
  • For a couple or duo, add 50$. 

Family 2h00, 400$ 

If you wish for photos in a documentary style, simply be yourselves, and I will capture the spontaneity of your family gatherings, namely within your household, your backyard, or at the park.

  • Gallery of 30 photo proofs.
  • Your pick 20 photos.

For 450$, 2h30

This session will include a formal group photo.

  • Gallery of 40 photo proofs.
  • Your pick 25 photos.

Celebration 2h00, 500$

Pictures of birthday parties, family reunions, graduations. I snap the prized moments with your guests and capture the atmosphere of the gathering.

  • Gallery of 40 photo proofs.
  • Your pick 25 photos.
  • To cover a longer period of time, an additional 115$ will be charged by the hour.
  • Pick photos from a larger proofs gallery.


You will receive your photos in high-resolution files and Web files by following the steps below:

1- You will receive a link that will direct you to your proof gallery  2 to 5 days after our session,
2- You will select your favorite picks by clicking on the heart symbol for each photo in your proof gallery.
3- Once you finalize and confirm your choice, I will carefully edit your pick.
4- Then, in the next 3 to 6 days you will check on your photo gallery. This allows you to download your photos in Web files that you will be able to share with your friends and family. You will also obtain your pick in high-resolution files which allows you to print your photos at a lab of your choice.
5- Or, you and your loved ones may easily order prints (priced by the unit) via your photo gallery. This way, I can personally assure the quality of the prints.
6- Usage rights for your photos will be granted to you; this includes: blogs, prints, newsletters, social media, Websites, and company newspapers.

Edit: Making appropriate adjustments of color and contrast.

Photo proof: Photo drafts that you select prior to the editing.

High-resolution files: Photos at a resolution appropriate for printing.

Web files: Photos at a resolution appropriate for sharing on social media.

Proof gallery: Non-edited photos to pick from which you can access with a given password.

Photo Gallery: You'r edited photos accessible by Internet with a given password. You may share this gallery with your relatives/loved ones.

How does one prepare for a photo session? 

It’s easier than you think. You should treat this session as another family gathering. No need to refurbish your home or redecorate the yard. Just be sure that in at least 10 years, when you will be looking through your photos, it will be the expressions on people’s faces, and the happiness in your loved one’s eyes that will seize your attention; not the cleanliness of your home. 

When it comes to clothing:

Since I’m no stylist, I will trust you in your choice of outfit. Nonetheless, here are a few recommendations.

  • For a professional portrait, opt for an outfit that corresponds with your personality as well as the impression you would like to make.
  •  For a group photo, opt for fabrics and colors that harmonize together.
  • In any case, prioritize your comfort. A comfortable outfit allows for better movement.
  • If possible, avoid any striped, polka dotted, checkered and neon clothing. Unless it’s themed!

One or two last things:

  • Make sure to have a good night’s sleep prior to your shoot. It allows for well-rested features and a fresh complexion. 
  • For children, pick a time when they are well rested.
  • During the warm season, make sure to have water nearby to stay hydrated, especially outdoors. 
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